Sing like a star at home with the Q9 karaoke party microphone. Play mp3 tracks and sing along with selectable sound effects. Please read the following instructions to enjoy the full functionality of this product.

Connections and controls

Charging the internal battery

The Q9 is equipped with an internal Li-ion rechargeable battery. Before first use, it is recommended to fully charge the battery.
Recharge the battery by connecting the microUSB socket to a USB power supply (5V, 800mA) using the USB to microUSB lead provided.

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To switch the Q9 on, press and hold the Power On/Off button on the side of the control panel and a blue LED will light. Speak into the microphone and push the Mic Level slider upwards to hear the sound from the internal speaker.

The slider on the right side of the control panel adjusts the amount of echo effect mixed in with the microphone sound. In addition to the echo effect, press and hold the FX button to select a harmony effect – repeated pressing of the FX button will step through different harmony settings.

Short presses of the Power On/Off button will step through the playback modes, as described below.

Mp3 player mode

For playback of tracks to sing along to, the Q9 has a microSD card slot and a USB port. Connect either of these memory devices (formatted to FAT32) with mp3 tracks stored on them and playback should start automatically.

Volume for the media player is controlled by a pair of + and – buttons on the right side of the panel. Track navigation is controlled by pressing Prev or Next track buttons. Pressing Play/Pause will alternately play or pause the track.

Bluetooth mode

The final mode for the media player is for Bluetooth playback from a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled audio player. Search for “WS858” device, pair for media playback and play a track on the smartphone or player. Navigation is controllable via Play/Pause, Prev and Next buttons.

Headphones output

For quiet practice, connect a pair of stereo headphones to the 3.5mm output jack, which disconnects the speaker. Alternatively, this can be used to connect to further powered speakers or recording devices.


Power supply USB 5V 800mA (not supplied)
Output power: max. 5W*2
Recharge time 2-3 hours
Operating time 4-5 hours (fully charged)
Battery type Internal 1200mAh rechargeable
Connections USB port, micro SD slot, micro USB, 3.5mm out
Audio source Bluetooth, USB/microSD mp3 player
Dimensions 251 x 69 x 69mmØ
Weight 380g